What happened?!

Hey, if you have  been looking at the dorky blog. Why?!

My names Sam, I have lifted from my website, the story begins here.

At the end of the year last year I got grounded, my punishment was no website for a whole freaking year.

But, in that time I was developing a YouTube channel, my first youtube channel I did for 13 months, but I got hacked and something went wrong. Google was stuffed. I had to move channel on the 10th November 2014. But my story continues. With out wordpress I wouldn’t have goals in life, I wouldn’t have a boost on technology.

Thank you everyone.

Want to see my story keep going?

www.youtube.com/mestbetgiant find me there

The End….?

Live Chat

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to Sam The Dunn Thing , Were you can create a profile so people get to know you better to create your profile at the top bar it say create profile hit that and then it will bring you up to this page so yey . This website has just been published for 2014  2013 got kicked out.